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Picnic to Snow Kingdom-R city Mall (15/02/2019)
Students of Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir got a chance to visit Snow Kingdom on 15 Feb 2019. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.The temperature was -8┬░celcius inside the snow area. The children had great fun playing with snow. Children threw snow at other, did rappling, enjoyed jumping on trampoline and other activities in the snow area. The atmosphere made everyone shiver with joy. After enjoying in the snow students went to Click Art museum which hosts 23 incomplete 3D art paintings that wait to become complete as visitors enter the frame. Children enjoyed getting clicked with these paintings. There was also a Live Art Wax Museum, which consists of models of celebrities from around the world. It was mesmerizing to see such a beautiful and real looking work of art. Children enjoyed getting clicked with their favorite celebrities. It was indeed a memorable day for everyone.

Picnic to Snow Kingdom-R city Mall (15/02/2019) Picnic to Snow Kingdom-R city Mall (15/02/2019) Picnic to Snow Kingdom-R city Mall (15/02/2019)
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