• Life Management - 9th November 2022
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9th November 2022
Life Management - 9th November 2022

A session on " Life Management" by Swami Shri Kanthanandji was organised in the school on 9th November 2022. The main approach of the programme was to create an awakening experience and cleanse the mind, body and the soul from all the external filth and impurities. The session was truly an antidote against ignorance and negativity. 🪶At present times, students sometimes find themselves at crossroads, confused as they are not aware about the right ways to handle their real life issues, unable to make correct decisions. To bridge this gap, our teachers were mentored to guide their students on the way of righteousness and make them realize their true capabilities. We owe Koti Koti Naman to Swamiji for this enriching and awakening session. A great start to the next academic session with a bang.✨😇