Hon. Chairman - Shri Vijay Khole

Message from the Chairman’s Desk…

Shri Vijay Khole

Dear Parents,

I am indeed very delighted to welcome you to Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir. Our institution is a part of 200 acres of lush green Keshav Shrushti Complex situated in Bhayander, Thane.
Our school is equipped with a state-of-the-art boarding facility which includes

a large multi-purpose auditorium cum indoor games complex and other correlated infrastructure. Though located very much within Mumbai limits, it is totally cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even though all school teachers and staff are staying inside the school campus, the campus remained totally Covid-free during the entire Corona period. Many parents voluntarily opted for a residential facility for their respective ward even in this difficult time.

For more than two decades, true to our vision, the school has been engaged in creating leaders for tomorrow. We strongly believe that every student has unique qualities. We try to identify these and enable them to progress in that, yet maintaining their holistic growth. The practices we follow are a unique blend of all forms of classroom teachings as well as practical and experiential learning. Through various events, Bhartiya Sanskars and Nation’s first virtues are imbibed in their characters. Our first kind of Student Leadership Program enables our students to relate their classroom teachings to real-world situations. An extensive record of our very successful alumni leading in all walks of life is proof of our efforts.

The school is operated on Gurukul principles. Foster parents and Foster sibling concepts adopted by us also provide a much-desired one family atmosphere. It enables providing personal attention and Atmiyata to every child, be it in studies, sports, or his/her well-being. A rigorous daily schedule starting early in the morning to lights off at night is followed with great discipline. Organic yet tasty food cooked in Annapurna Bhavan is what students enjoy very much and also remember over the years.

Throughout the year, students learn and participate in Keshav Shrushti projects viz. Gaushala, AgricultureVanaushadhi, Solar Park, City Forest, Vrudhhashram, Nectar Garden, etc. Students also enjoy cycling and nature trails on this huge campus.

With the launch of a new education policy for Atmanirbhar Bharat, our focus will also be on skill and entrepreneurship development among students. I invite you to visit our school to know the complete details.

Let us come together to make a bright future for our children and for us too.

Best wishes and Regards,
Shri Vijay Khole