Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir as a constituent of Uttan Vivdh Lakshye Shikshan Sanstha, is a true confluence of various streams of the Bharatiya way of thought and endeavours to provide modern education to our children with an effective emphasis on the knowledge and wisdom enshrined in our traditions and cultural heritage. Here in RRVM, we shape minds, Indian souls.


All the teachers stay on the campus. This provides an opportunity for mutual interaction between the teachers and the students in the true spirit of a Gurukul system. The teacher-student ratio being 1:10 helps in individual attention and a special concentration on academically weak students. Extra coaching is provided to the academically weak and the final year students. Well planned remedial classes for weaker students and enrichment classes for the gifted children.

Extensive practice of paper solving, online tests like ASSET and workshops conducted by external experts on stress & time management, spoken English, enriching narrative sessions, personality development, etc. gives that much needed extra edge which helps in the wholesome growth of our students.


The technological advancement in the field of Education cannot be overlooked. In keeping with the changing trends our school pays equal attention to the Computer literacy of each student. The school can truly boast of a fully equipped computer lab with 55 personal computers that could cater to the need of each student. The curriculum covers computer literacy and computer awareness programs for all students from class I to XII. Training in Basic Computer Skills, Internet and Information Technology. Computer-aided Instructions in various subjects.


The school has incorporated storytelling sessions on Saturdays to bring language learning alive and give an immersive experience to students who absorb and enjoy hearing the language in a dynamic and sometimes stylistically and entertainingly.Stories trigger a sense of wonder and teach them about imbibing good values and knowing about their culture too. Other activities like fine art, Origami, memory enhancement and concentration, career planning, phonetics, Vedic Mathematics, Robotics are also a part of the RRVM curriculum. We have also involved external subject experts for the same. We also have hobby classes for Music and Fine arts conducted during the week.

Various inter-house competitions are held every year, such as English and Hindi elocution, storytelling, poetry recitation, debate, singing, drawing, poster making and even display boards to tap the creativity of the students at various levels. The morning assembly is conducted house wise wherein every child of each house gets an opportunity to express.