Why choose us

Facilities provide spaces for learning. Their maintenance itself happens through constant learning.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified school the certification brings with it a globally recognized standardized quality in every role the institution plays, be it pedagogy, evaluation or assessment. It provides quality education on a global platform.

The lush green playfield for all major outdoor sports: Lush green playfield for all major outdoor sports: We recognize the latest talent of the students. The achievements of students in all major outdoor sports at the state and national levels speak high of the lush green playfield and the coaches who bring out the best in them.

Computer Lab, well equipped Science and Mathematics Labs: Independent labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics, the students are provided with the much-needed conditioning as per the specific needs of the subjects to infuse a sense of scientific enquiry and to stimulate curiosity in them.

Language labs and well-furnished library: We believe in the concept Technology is the need of the Hour to make the learning experiences interesting for the students. As such we have well-arranged, well-stacked books on a spectrum of subjects, CDs and videos and support material for research and analysis.

Indoor games & Swimming pool for young kids: We provide a home away from home to the tiny tots to facilitate a natural transition to their journey of social interaction and learning in the community – in play way method.

Properly ventilated and student-friendly classrooms, multipurpose halls & a big playground: In a city like Mumbai, it is a boon to the students and adds to the green lush ambience which yields a natural colour to the multidimensional development in the area of their interests.

Website based system: In a computerized environment the website of the school provides a co-coordinated platform among the parents, teachers and students.The latest updates are available to the parents.

On-campus medical facilities: A qualified doctor and a qualified nurse are available. The medical room is equipped with facilities for regular medical checkups and health development programs. We have a tie-up with AYAKSHA Health care for standardized services, the Ayaksha team also organizes workshops for students on dieting – nutrition, health hygiene, first aid, fire drill, similarly parenting & stress management workshop is also organized by them.

Mess: We provide a healthy lifestyle not just food as Mess. Annapurna mess is taking care to maintain food hygiene at par with international standards.

Drinking-Water: We take care utmost care in providing potable and pure water to our students. The School has RO and UV systems around the campus for drinking water and if required we provide boiled water too.

Electricity: We have round a clock power supply to facilitate an uninterrupted utilization of the technical gadgets in the process of learning.

Counsellors for students counselling: We have two specialized counsellors ranging from the fields of aesthetic Human behaviours to clinical psychology to provide harmony between academics and other spheres of development.

Huge indoor auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 children: Made with due consideration for proper ventilation and adequate lighting effects is an auditorium at par with a state of the art stage which is a platform in disguise for the students to train and show their talents in theatre, cultural fest and public speaking etc.